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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wat Yannawa (วัดยานนาวา)

The original temple was founded hundreds of years ago, but the part that is built like a Chinese junk was ordered by King Rama III in the mid 19th century. It looks quite strange as you can imagine. The junk can be climbed, and upstairs are 2 shrines for different gods and a footprint of the Buddha. Most of the other buildings are not in good shape.

However, the meeting hall is a surprise. It's air-conditioned and the inside looks like a mix between a luxury shop and a museum. Everywhere glass chedis and displays with relics that, according to the inscriptions, contain parts of flesh, bones and brain of the Buddha. In a formal atmosphere, people choose one of the sheets with prescribed prayers and walk around the relics reciting them. Shrines for a variety of gods are everywhere. It is a truly strange experience walking around here. [Charoenkrung Road, near Thaksin Bridge] More photos Wat Yannawa (in Thai)

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