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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wat Pasi (วัดภาษี)

Located next to one of Bangkok's canals at the corner of Ekamai, lies Wat Pasi temple. The temple is about 160 years old and has a totally different atmosphere and different decorations than any other temple I've seen in Bangkok. On top of the square building a handful of smaller and one big spire that make the temple look more like a mosque than anything else.

Inside typical banners with the 12 Chinese astrological signs everywhere. People buy a banner, write up their name and the name of family members and hang them somewhere in the temple. They remind me of the flags of a Tibetan temple. Also a few god and Buddha statues that light up when you pour holy water, a coin-operated machine that gives you a number linked to a description of your life, feeding the fish, some big turtles, a footprint of the Buddha, metal trees where people can hang golden and silver leaves, lots of shops with religious articles etc. Well worth a visit. [Corner Ekamai - New Petchaburi Road] More photos

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