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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wat Maha Put / Mae Nak Shrine (วัดมหาบุศย์)

The shrine of Mae Nak is the special attraction just outside this temple. Mae Nak is the main character of a popular ghost story, in which she dies at childbirth while her husband Mak is away at war. Her love and devotion for him are so strong, that when Mak returns from the war, ghosts of her and the child are still waiting for him at home. Her statue wears a wig, a TV is directed towards her statue, away from us, continuously switched on, people burn candles and pray, she has lots of dresses and people give her clothes and toys for the baby. Toys are sold in the temple.

The temple itself is a traditional-style temple, with turtles and fish to be bought and freed in the canal, lots of little statues, a shrine to the famous Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin, fortune tellers and lottery ticket sellers. [Sukhumvit 77, Soi 7, Phra Khanong] More photos

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